The Coexist Collection is an exploration of material, balance and harmony. The collection came out of a fascination with the way parts interact with one another- how materials with very different natural properties can be formed and brought together into one coherent piece. Marble and brass and brought seamlessly together, heightening the natural beauty of the stone as it is interrupted or elongated by the introduction of the brass.


Coexist Coffee Table

The design of the Coexist Coffee Table uses the weight of the marble to compress a brass leg down as it sits only on its knife edge. The leg pierces through the thick marble slab to be revealed on the other side. 


Best of nyc x design

We are honored to have won the top prize for the Coexist Collection at ICFF. The award recognizes the unique use of material, form and function. 

Central to this collection is the way pieces are intersecting and the way pieces are held in place by one anther - each material is integral to the whole. For that reason, the pieces have no hardware used throughout - but rather they come together like a puzzle, locking into place by precisely fabricated parts which merge stone and metal seamlessly.


Askew & standing mirror

The Askew Side Table combines cantilevering marble over a brass cube. The balance in play makes the two tiered table elegant and functional. The Coexist Standing Mirror is comprised of a marble cube, which holds a brass framed mirror seamlessly in place. The concept for this piece is to play with the completion of the cube by using the reflection of the mirror to complete the whole. 



Dark Spring

The Dark Spring Coexist Collection brings the pieces into the darker side, with blackened steel, Nero marble and black accents. 


The Dark Spring Coexist Standing Mirror shown with Black Concrete Rubber CYL Side Table




The daybed consists of a black steel frame, with a brass cube at one end, and a nero marquina marble cube at the other end holding the frame in place. Using balance and delicate harmony of materials meeting, the piece holds space in suspension through the daring move that turns the brass cube on its finest edge.